Signs revamp points the way

Some of Malvern’s historic signs have been revamped to make it easier for visitors to find their way around.


A number of finger posts, old signs and Victorian posts have been given a fresh coat of paint or undergone other restoration work to restore them to their former glory.


The work was carried out as part of the Great Malvern: Route to the Hills project which will create a new heritage trail stretching from the railway station through the town and on to the hills. Along the way people will be able to learn more about Malvern’s history and heritage and the fascinating stories behind the people involved.


The project is funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and is being overseen by a partnership of ten key organisations, led by Malvern Hills District Council.


Peter Smith, Route to the Hills project board member, said: “It is wonderful to see this Victorian cast iron post so splendidly restored. It has stood rusting and been covered in ivy for over 50 years and I am delighted  the Route to the Hills project has brought it back to life and given it a new purpose.”