Success for couch to 5k runners

Runners triumph as they complete their first couch to 5k programme in just 11 weeks.

Residents from Malvern keen to improve their fitness joined a free couch to 5k programme on Thursday 9 March, set up by Malvern Hills District Council and Fortis Living.

Runners crossed the finish line with their graduation run on Thursday 25 May at Malvern Town Football Club, where they all received completion medals.

Inspired by the success and feel good factor, runners have now set up their own social running group called Rookie to Runner, which is open to everyone.

The next Couch to 5k programme will start on Thursday 13 July at 10:30am from Malvern Town Football Club, and will form part of the new Rookie to Runner group. Contact for more information or to book a place.

Couch to 5k is a national running programme that has been designed to get people from the couch and gradually work up to running five kilometres in just 12 weeks.

Rachel Vann, Well-being Officer for Malvern Hills District Council said: I am really proud of what the running group has achieved; ten weeks ago they could only run for 30 seconds, now they can run for five kilometres without stopping. The graduation run was especially hard as we were running in 25 degree heat, but that didn’t stop them. We’ve all had great fun doing this challenge”.

Alison Bergman, Malvern resident and running member said: “I can really recommend couch to 5K. It is a well tried and tested way to increase your fitness that is achievable and realistic. Running with a similarly able group is very encouraging and supportive. Our run leaders gave everyone the confidence to achieve their goal”.