Volunteers sought to create Malvern Soup

A project which brings people together over a bowl of soup to discuss ways of improving their local community could be on its way to Malvern Hills District.

Enthusiastic volunteers are being sought to help set-up Malvern Soup, which would be based on the successful community dinner movement which started in Detroit and now operates in 40 locations across the UK.

The idea behind the Soup project is that people pay a set amount at the door, usually £4, and are given a bowl of soup to share and other food they have brought with them, if they choose to do so. 

Four local projects, not necessarily charities but any idea put forward, then have four minutes to pitch to the audience and take questions. There is then a secret vote and the winner is given the money from the meeting to go towards their project.

There is also the opportunity to showcase the talents of local artists while the votes are being counted.

A Soup is already successfully operating in neighbouring Worcester and members of Malvern Hills District Council’s Council Policy Group (CPG), are keen to see the idea take off in the district.

An information session is being held at the new weekly market at The Cube in Albert Road North on Saturday, 23 April to give those interested a chance to find out more about the idea.

Cllr Chris Reed, part of the CPG on Malvern Hills District Council, said: “This is a fantastic way to bring people of all ages and from all parts of the community together to share ideas, connect with each other and benefit the local community.

“The reason Soup projects are so successful across the country is because they are grassroots movements, run by the public for the public. That’s why as a council we aren’t best placed to run these events but we’re really keen on helping the project get off the ground and will support interested residents in whatever way we can.”

Anyone interested in getting involved with creating a Soup project in Malvern should contact Claire Vaughan by emailing or attend the event on 23 April.

Visit to learn more about the Soup project.