Warning to watch water quality from private supplies in wet weather

Homes and business drawing water from private water supplies such as wells, springs and boreholes are being warned to pay extra attention to their water during periods of heavy rain and flooding.
Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) is warning that under very wet conditions, such water sources can become contaminated as sediment and organic matter including animal droppings may be washed into the water.
The warning also applies to collecting spring water from public spouts fed by private supplies.
Water treatment systems used to keep private water supplies safe, such as ultra violet light systems, can be seriously affected due to the discolouration of the water and clogging of filters.
If the colour, taste or odour of your water changes it should not be used for drinking or food preparation unless it has been boiled. It should continue to be boiled before use until the system has been checked by a competent person. For general advice contact WRS on 01905 822799 or

WRS Joint Committee Chairman Cllr Lucy Hodgson said: "Even if you are used to more variation in your private supply than people on the mains, please take extra precautions during the extremely wet weather."It is particularly important to check the water from public spouts, which in these conditions may be at higher risk."
Emergency supplies are available in the event of a water supply being badly affected. Enquire either to your local water company or to suppliers of emergency bowsers and bottled water. Household or business insurance policies may provide for reimbursement of costs, but it is essential to check this with your insurer.