Priority 5: Support businesses to become more energy efficient

Industry has already made significant steps to cut its carbon emissions but needs to go further. Encouraging businesses to help us achieve our vision for the district will not only help save them money, but will also provide opportunities for growth.

Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics reveal the UK’s low carbon and renewable energy economy grew by 6.8% to £44.5 billion in 2017. The Worcestershire Energy Strategy estimates the county’s share of this is about £334 million.

In 2011/12, the last year for which data is available at a local authority level, there were 411 companies working in the low carbon sector countywide. The strategy includes a target to double the size of the county’s low carbon sector by 2030 and work is ongoing to understand how that breaks down by district.

We can play a role in supporting the growth of the local low carbon sector through our grants system. External funding is also available for SMEs to install energy efficiency measures. We currently promote these, but in future we can do so in a more targeted way by concentrating on those businesses that are most energy intensive.