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Last updated: March 2019

You said: Make it quicker and easier for residents to access the M5 and vice versa

We did: We have been working in partnership with the County Council on the project dualling Carrington Bridge. £57m had been awarded to build a second bridge over the River Severn and complete dualling of the A4440 through to Powick roundabout by the end of 2021. Recent work on the A4440 bypass has seen the installation of a new railway bridge that accommodates a full dual carriageway to Whittington roundabout and the M5 plus preparatory work has started on the final phase with an electricity pylon relocated and initial site clearance started. Also works are almost complete to raise the A4104 at Upton to protect this vital route from flooding. It is anticipated that this project, funded by the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), will complete by April 2019. For more information please visit Worcestershire County Council.

You said: We need to improve train connections to London

We did: We have been working in partnership with Worcestershire County Council on the Worcestershire Parkway development, which is under development and due to open in December 2019. We have also lobbied for improved frequency and journey times serving the district as part of the new rail franchise process and new West Midlands operators Abellio have confirmed investment in additional services and longer trains on the Birmingham to Hereford Line from 2019. We will be lobbying to improve services to London as part of the Cotswold Line franchise review due in late 2019.

You said: Provide incentives for businesses to take on apprentices

We did: We work closely with the Local Enterprise Partnership and the Enterprise Advisers and Careers Advisers to ensure that all school children in Malvern are aware of the opportunities that are available to them both as areas for work and the process for applying for apprenticeships. In 2018/19 we awarded 18 apprenticeship grants to local businesses taking on an apprentice.

We provide information on the council’s website to ensure that any business or individual interested in pursuing an apprenticeship has appropriate initial information and links.

We publish leaflets and information guides for employers which are then distributed at all the council and chamber of commerce events in Malvern.

To find out more visit Business Support

You said: Reach out to young people in rural areas.

We did: In July 2017, we produced a pdf newsletter (940 KB) for young people to keep them informed of things like apprenticeships, work placements, broadband and more.

We also had a commitment in our five year plan to give young people a voice on key issues in the area so we set about surveying our younger residents on what it is like to live, work and study in the district. We now have over 1200 responses to the survey and we shared the results with a youth workshop in January 2019, who have helped us to come up with ideas for our first ever youth action plan. This plan is currently being drafted and is due to go to our Executive Committee for comment in March 2019. After that, we will be sharing it with our partners and high schools to see what other activities we can do in partnership, to support our young people with the issues they have raised. If you would like to know more please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You said: Communicate the responsibilities of each council to the public, how they work together and how to access their services. Also promote your good work.

We did: We have been out and about in the district in the last year, promoting what we do and speaking to our residents in your local communities. We have had a stand at five local events across the district, as well as organising a number of our own, with more planned in 2019. We also get out and about with our councillors on doorknocks and ‘Meet your council’ days. Find out where we have been and where we will be. Proud of Our Place to provide you with important service information and keep you up to date with our work.

You said: Bring internet access into 21st Century.

We did: We have contributed funding to the Superfast Worcestershire Programme and championed investment in new fibre networks and new cabinet installations across the district. On broadband speeds, currently 88 per cent of residents in Malvern Hills District have superfast (24Mb+) broadband speeds with more fibre being rolled out into rural areas over the coming year. Visit Superfast Worcestershire for the latest updates and to find out if you can get superfast broadband in your area.