Landlords advice

Here you'll find useful information and advice for landlords.

As a landlord you are allowed to gain entry to your property if required but you are required to give reasonable notice to your tenant.

Please visit the Shelter website for an outline on what they consider to be harassment by a landlord or letting agent.

To find this out check the tenancy agreement you have signed with your tenant. Once you have found this out you will then be able to determine the correct notice to serve.

Serving the correct notice is important because if your tenant refuses to leave the property you must then go to court to enforce the notice; if your original notice is incorrect you will have to start the process all over again.

See the Shelter website and Direct Gov website for further advice.

If correct notice has been served but your tenant is unwilling to leave the property at the end of the tenancy, you must obtain a Possession Order from the County Court in order to legally evict them.

It is extremely important that you, as the landlord, follow the correct legal procedure before evicting a tenant, as failure to do so may result in legal action taken against you by Malvern Hills District Council for harassment and illegal eviction.

If you are unsure what procedure to follow please see the Direct Gov website.

No, the only person who can legally evict a tenant is a Court Appointed Bailiff. The bailiff will execute the Possession Order which has been issued to you by the County Court.

If you are unsure what the procedure is for eviction check the private renting evictions section of the Direct Gov website for advice on evicting tenants.

Housing Benefit is designed to help people on benefits or on a low income with their rental payments.

If accepting a tenant in receipt of housing benefit you may need to consider if the rent is set in accordance with the Local Housing Allowance Rates.

Further information on housing benefit.

We do not run our own Landlord Accreditation Scheme however we have joined forces with the National Landlord Association, who are offering you an opportunity to become an Associate of the NLA for free. As an associate you will be entitled to:
  • Unlimited free downloads of tenancy agreements and a wide range of other essential forms and documents
  • Receive a fortnightly e-newsletter
  • Invitations to landlords meetings and more
Visit to apply through Malvern.