Affordable Housing in Malvern Hills District SPG

The Malvern Hills District Local Plan contains policies aimed at increasing the amount of affordable housing provided within the district, through the planning process.

The purpose of supplementary planning guidance is to provide additional information, explaining how Local Plan policies are implemented when planning applications for new housing development are submitted by landowners and developers.

Thresholds for Affordable Housing

Policy CN2 of the Malvern Hills District Local Plan requires up to half of all new housing development on sites of 0.5 hectares and over, or 15 dwellings or more, in Malvern to be made available for affordable housing.

For the rest of the district up to half of sites of 0.2 hectares, or 5 dwellings or more, should be made available for affordable housing.

Funding for Affordable Housing

Affordable housing should be made available as an integral part of the new housing development.

Exceptionally a financial contribution can be made by the landowner/developer to the district council in lieu of on-site provision, or off-site provision may be considered.

Financial contributions will be based on the Total Cost Indicator (TCI) figures published annually by the Housing Corporation.

Legal Agreements

All affordable housing provided within the district will be the subject of a legal agreement which will set out the arrangements for its delivery, normally to a Registered Social Landlord (RSL), and guaranteeing that it remains affordable in perpetuity, regardless of tenure.

Development of the SPG

Consultation of the draft Affordable Housing SPG was undertaken from 16th January 2004 until 27th February 2004.

Consultation included the publication of a summary leaflet, was wide ranging and included all local authorities within Worcestershire, other adjoining districts, Government Office for the West Midlands, the Housing Corporation, Countryside Agency, all town and parish councils and housing associations.

The consultation undertaken for the Draft SPG, which included adverts in the local press and other publicity, has been comparable with that undertaken to meet the statutory requirements for consultation required under the legislation for development (Local) plans.

A total of 34 responses were received from 9 respondents. Following consideration of the responses received during the public consultation stage, the SPG was adopted for Development Control purposes at Planning Committee on the 1st June 2004.

Where Can I See a Copy of the Supplementary Planning Guidance?

The Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance is available to view at the following locations:

  • At any of our Customer Service Centres
  • Upton Library

(A hard copy of the Affordable Housing SPG can be purchased from our Customer Service Centres at a cost of £10.00 plus £1 p+p).