Listed Buildings

English Heritage maintain the Statutory List of buildings listed as being of special architectural or historic interest

Application forms

Applications for listed building consent can be submitted by making an online Application.

How much will it cost?

There is no fee payable for making a Listed Building Consent application. 

There is however a hidden cost in the level of drawn detail and supporting information, such as a Design and Access Statement, and in the majority of cases this will require a registered architect or chartered building surveyor.

Where a planning application is submitted in parallel with an application for listed building consent, a single, combined statement should address the requirements of both.

The combined statement should address the elements required in relation to a planning application in the normal way, and the additional requirements in relation to listed building consent.

The design and access statement should explain the design principles and concepts that have been applied to the scale, layout and appearance characteristics of a proposal.

A design and access statement relating to listed building consent should include a brief explanation, of how the design has taken account of the special architectural interest of the building including the following aspects:

  • The historic and special architectural importance of the building
  • The particular physical features of the building that justify its designation as a listed building; and
  • The building's setting.

The statement will need to explain the approach to ensuring that the historic and special architectural importance of the listed building is preserved or enhanced.

Where an aspect of the design has the potential to affect this adversely, the statement should explain why it is necessary, and what measures have been taken to minimise its impact.

Further help and advice

Please email the Conservation Team