Upskilling Bursary Scheme

We can help you access work and training opportunities through our Upskilling Bursary Scheme. We provide up to £500 a year to help with travel costs and up to £300 for equipment and clothing. 

Find out more about our Upskilling Bursary Scheme.

Upskilling grant

Our new Upskilling Grant provides funding to help your business with the cost of apprenticeships and other training schemes. 

Visit our upskilling and training page for more information.

Malvern Hills Enterprise Scheme

The aim of the scheme is to support new and young businesses in the Malvern Hills district. The scheme will encourage the occupation of vacant commercial premises, help regenerate town centres, stimulate entrepreneurship, create new jobs, and enhance the sustainability of new businesses.

Pre-start businesses and new businesses that have been trading less than 36 months can apply for a grant of up to £500, or up to £1,000 if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • The business is in or moving into premises that are liable to business rates
  • The business employs or will employ 2 or more FTE employees (in addition to the applicant)
  • The business operates in the low carbon economy
  • The grant will be used towards expenditure that supports the business’ environmental sustainability

The grant must be match-funded, pound for pound (at least), from the business’s own resources. Only capital expenditure on an approved project/investment is eligible.

Find out more and apply for the scheme.

Enterprising Worcestershire Grant

Enterprising Worcestershire is a grant fund that has been designed to create new jobs or contribute to an increase in turnover in start-up and early stage enterprises. The fund offers grants of £1,000 up to £15,000, representing 40% of the total project costs.

If you are a Worcestershire based business, and meet all the eligibility criteria below you may wish to apply for the Enterprising Worcestershire Grant Fund.

  • Worcestershire based Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s)
  • Trading for less than 36 months at the point of application
  • Meet the De Minimis State Aid regulations
  • Be trading at least 70% Business to Business
  • Organisations must be able to provide evidence of the availability of funding for the project (60% provided by SME)

Some items such as recurring revenue costs are not eligible for grant funding.

Proof of Concept 

Worcestershire ‘Proof of Concept’ has been designed to support local businesses to develop innovative new products and processes. Support is offered to applicants that aim to investigate, advance, protect and commercialise early stage innovative business ideas. The principal objective of the Proof of Concept fund is to encourage SME investment in innovation, creating products and services that are new to the company or new to the market.

The programme offers grants of up to £30,000, representing 40% of the total project costs. All costs must be external to the company and are claimed retrospectively. Worcestershire County Council delivers the grant fund in partnership with Central Technology Belt. Find out more information about Proof of Concept.

Business Energy Efficiency Programme

Up to £20,000 available to help you lower your energy bill!

The Business Energy Efficiency Programme offers free energy efficiency assessments which could lead to grants for businesses who wish to use their energy more efficiently, reducing costs and improving environmental credentials.

Find out more about the Business Energy Efficiency Programme.

Low Carbon Opportunities Programme

FREE low carbon innovation and renewable energy generation support and grants available!

The Low Carbon Opportunities Programme has two distinct strands:

  1. Renewable Energy Generation – supporting businesses to consider and install technologies such as Solar PV and Battery Storage, Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, Biomass and Combined Heat and Power.
  2. Innovation for Low Carbon – helping businesses develop and commercialise products and services that will save carbon. This can be around market testing, demonstration products, prototypes, manufacturing scale up, intellectual property rights etc.

The new programme will provide 80 Assists in Worcestershire and £1,040,000 grant funding to businesses (includes £200,000 for Shropshire SMEs).  

Businesses will receive a free assist followed by the option to apply for a grant of up to £100,000 at 40% intervention rate.

For information about the programme visit – which has a range of case studies or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

Rural businesses can claim up to £3,500 to upgrade their broadband to a Gigabit capable connection (without the need for a match funding contribution). Find out more about the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme