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2019 Economic Impact Assessment

This was carried out by The Research Solution Company

2019 Key Findings

Total tourism value in 2019 was nearly £145 million, with £123,086,100 visitor spend and £21,884,000 indirect spend.

  • 3.9 million trips were taken to the district – 3,772,000 day trips and 205,000 overnight stays. This compares to 3,492,000 day trips and 211,000 overnight trips in 2018.
  • During their visit to The Malverns, visitors spent approximately £123 million of which just over £32 million was from overnight visits.
  • The overnight trips account for a total of nearly 0.64 million nights in the area (an average of 3 nights per trip).
  • Overnight visits accounted for £32 million compared to £92 million from day trippers. In 2018 overnight visits were worth a similar amount at £31,918,000 and day trips £85,229,000.
  • The spending supported 2,917 jobs, with approximately 2,029 direct tourism-related jobs and 751 via the tourism industry supply chain. This equates to 8% employed in tourism and hospitality across the Malvern Hills district. This is a 4.9% increase on 2018 when there were 2,780 tourism related jobs.