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Strategic Direction

United Nations World Tourism Organisation

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (WTO) have published a Covid-19 Response One Planet Vision For The Responsible Recovery Of The Tourism Sector.

 The vision describes ‘A #ResponsibleRecovery is needed to #BuildBackBetter tourism’ and recommends six actions to guide a responsible tourism recovery for people, planet and prosperity. Namely public health; social inclusion; biodiversity conservation; climate action; circular economy and governance and finance.

 The WTO promotes ‘the need to transition to a more sustainable tourism model based on social inclusion and the restoration and protection of the environment. Our health and well-being depend on it.”


The national tourism strategy for Britain is dated 2013-2020 and was developed as a legacy to the 2012 London Olympic Games.  The new tourism strategy is expected to formulate a strategic response to the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, VisitBritain has published a Proposal for Government: Helping the tourism industry to recover from Covid-19 which outlines the importance of the acceleration and expansion of the new

‘Tourism Zones’ proposed in the Sector Deal, the new Tourism Data Hub which will support the recovery especially for SME’s, encourage UK residents to holiday at home and to reset consumer behaviour forced by lockdown to consider wider questions like sustainability.

‘Destination Zero’ – Creating a greener, more sustainable Malvern Hills district

In January 2020, the ‘Destination Zero’ action plan was developed by Malvern Hills District Council in response to declaring a climate emergency in July of 2019. The plan represents the important first stage in Malvern Hills District Council’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions within the district to net zero. Priorities within the plan, include reducing waste; eliminating single-use plastic; increasing the number of electric-vehicle charging points; energy efficiency; developing our green tourism offer; encouraging sustainable transport and favouring sustainable development planning applications.

Strategic Objectives for 2021-2025

Safety First

The coronavirus pandemic will shape the tourism experience for visitors for the foreseeable future. Hopefully the impact on the tourism industry will be short-term, but we need to ensure local tourism businesses adopt practices which abide by new public health measures and social distancing laws to ensure the welfare of residents, visitors and the people working in the hospitality and tourism industry.  New social distancing activities and approaches will need to be developed, and the development of new safe experiences will be encouraged.

To Be A Recognised ‘Green’ Tourism Destination

We want The Malverns to be leaders in sustainable tourism development with the Malvern Hills District Council ‘Destination Zero’ Plan being adopted by tourism industry stakeholders; leading to an increase in the number of tourism businesses and events offering a green tourism experience, and signing up to be a recognised green tourism business via an accreditation scheme, including the new Green Mark for the Malverns.

Develop Our Experience

A world-renowned health and well-being destination from the days of the Water Cure in the Victorian Times, with excellent spas; walking and cycling routes; creative landscapes; amazing local food and drink produce; outdoor activities, and with stories about famous fiction writers’ and Sir Edward Elgar being inspired by the picturesque scenery – makes The Malverns the perfect destination to relax, escape, feel energised and be inspired. We aim to develop our experience to be positioned as a top health and well-being destination in the UK.

We will encourage new product development around our key themes – green tourism, health and well-being, countryside, heritage, culture, local food and drink and creativity.

We also need to ensure visitors can access tourist information before and during their visit to enhance the visitor experience, from online resources, to receiving a warm welcome from a face-to-face tourist information service across the area.

Put The Malverns On The Map

To support the tourism industry, we will continue to promote The Malverns brand via various media, online and PR opportunities, as well as working with key partners like, VisitBritain, VisitEngland and Visit Worcestershire to ensure The Malverns is a recognised UK visitor destination for families, couples and small groups.

Be A Leader In Tourism Business Support

The tourism industry will be a thriving economy across The Malverns once again, and we will support tourism businesses to ensure they recover and achieve their individual business goals.