Caravan Licensing

There are three types of caravan site and all are subject to the need for planning approval and must have a site licence.   

Malvern Hills District Council Caravan License Register

The word caravan includes all mobile homes or motor homes or touring units.
 • Residential Sites. These are sites where homes can be occupied for twelve months per year
 • Static Holiday Sites. These are sites for temporary, holiday use where the site is closed for a period of the year
 • Touring Sites. These are sites for holiday use where caravans are usually towed to the site for short periods of time

All caravan site licences include a set of conditions that must be complied with.

These conditions include requirements about fire precautions, minimum spacing distance between units, water supplies and drainage, car parking etc.

Caravan Site Licences

The Caravan and Control of Development Act 1960 prohibits the use of land as a caravan site, unless the occupier holds a site licence issued by the local authority


The law covering caravans are contained in the following legislations:

  • Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 - This act covers the licensing of caravan sites and the safety, welfare and management conditions which need to be provided.
  • Caravan Sites Act 1968 - This act provides basic protection to mobile home residents living on protected sites and prevents site owners from evicting residents, without obtaining a court order.
  • The Mobile Homes Act 1983 – This act provides residents with full security of tenure and requires the site owner to provide a written agreement when residents move onto the site.
  • The Mobile Homes Act 2013 - This act amends the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, the Caravan Sites Act 1968 and the Mobile Homes Act 1983.

Caravan Sites

A caravan site includes anywhere a caravan (including mobile or 'park' home) is situated and occupied for human habitation including touring sites and single sites.

However, it does not include sites where caravans are kept for storage only (driveways, retailers, storage parks) or where a caravan is used as additional accommodation for an existing dwelling.

Caravan Site Licences - Standards for Caravan Sites

Where a site has got planning permission the owner of the site must have a caravan site license which is granted by Malvern Hills District Council.

A licence is also required for a camping sites which are used for more than 42 days consecutively or 60 days in total in any consecutive 12 months.

The purpose of the licence is to regulate the standards are being maintained on the site and also health and safety legislation are adhere too.

The licence is issued subject to the conditions based on the adopted model standards for caravan sites .The Council will carry out regular site inspections to ensure compliance of conditions.

No caravan site licence can be issued, if either the land does not have planning permission for the use as a caravan site, or the applicant has had a site licence revoked within the previous three years.

A Site Licence is not required in the following circumstances

  • A caravan sited within the curtilage of a dwelling and its use is incidental to the dwelling. This means it cannot be occupied separately
  • A single caravan sited for not more than two consecutive nights, provided no other caravan has been stationed there for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 months
  • Up to three caravans on a site of not less than five acres for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 months
  • Sites occupied by exempted organisations such as the Caravan Club
  • Sites of up to 5 caravans certified by an exempt organisation and which are for members only
  • Sites occupied by the local authority. These are usually gypsy sites
  • Sites for temporary and special purposes such as caravan rallies, agricultural and forestry workers, building and engineering sites and travelling salesmen
  • A site for tents only can be used for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 months

Applying for a Licence

Please download and complete the attached application form by clicking on this link: Apply for a caravan licence online and email it back to

It is important that licence application are supported by a layout (to scale of no less than 1/500 if a paper copy is submitted) showing the boundaries of the site, the proposed positions of caravans, car parking, fire fighting arrangements, sanitary facilities, refuse arrangements, water supplies and access / egress arrangements.

The Mobile Home Act 2013

This new law gives more rights to people who live in their own home on a protected site.

The most important changes make it easier for you to sell your home on the open market, without interference from the owner of the park where you live. These changes came into effect on 26 May 2013. In addition this legislation requires the Council to keep a register of site rules in respect of protected sites in its area. The site owner may set rules on residential caravan sites. The Council does not enforce these rules, although some rules may be a duplicate of the site licence conditions.

The Council is only required to keep and publish a register of site rules. We will update this page when we are notified by the site owners that rules are in force. The rules published on the link below have been written by the site owners and not the Council. In addition Malvern Hills District Council will not check these rules for banned rules or check that the consultation procedure has been followed. This is between the home owners and site owner. For our register click on this link: Caravan Sites Register of Site Rules 

Find out more by downloading the Mobile Home Act leaflet.

Fees Policy

Caravan Site Licensing Fees - Appendix 1 - Policy v7.1

Caravan Site Licensing Fees - Appendix 2 - Delegation of Authority

Caravan Site Licensing Fees - Appendix 3 - Fees and Charges