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Equality Impact Assessments

Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs)

The County Council carries out EIAs when it is planning significant changes which will affect local residents. An example of change would be whether and how services will be provided. Change will always make more of a difference for some groups than it will for others.  It is important that we understand how different groups (for example, older people and children) will be affected by our proposals.  If we find that our proposals will affect particular groups more than others we will consider whether we can do things differently to bring about any improvements for them. 

It is important that the assessments we complete are thorough and accurate.  The Council's Equality and Diversity Manager provides any support and guidance our staff may need when carrying them out. 

Equality Impact Assessments Undertaken So Far

All Impact Assessments involving public consultation will be logged on the “Ask Me! Consultation Planner and Finder."

Follow the links below to read Initial Screenings and Equality Impact Assessments which the Council has carried out.  (The assessments carried out by each Directorate are grouped together). 

Adult and Community Services (ACS) (up to April 2013)

Business, Environment and Community (BEC) (from Oct 2012)


Children's Services (ChS)

Corporate Services (CS) - (Up to Dec 2012)

Environmental Services (ES) (up to Sept 2012)

Planning, Economy and Performance (PEP) - Including Property Services from Jan 2011 (up to Sept 2012)

Resources (RD) - (from Jan 2011)

Directorate of Adult Services and Health (DASH) from April 2014


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