Climate Change

Climate Change

Worcestershire Partnership Climate Change Strategy

The Worcestershire Partnership Climate Change Strategy is currently under review and will shortly be made available for consultation.  Please download the new draft strategy and online consultation questions from our strategy consultation web page.
The condition of Worcestershire's environment is monitored and a State of the Environment report is produced annually by the Worcestershire Partnership.

National Indicator Delivery Plans 2009/10

These Delivery Plans summarise the wide range of initiatives undertaken by partnership organisations during 2009/10 to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to climate change within their own operations and across the wider community.

For further information on the work of the partnership to protect Worcestershire's environment, visit the Worcestershire Partnership Website.

What is Climate Change?

Many people are not sure what exactly climate change is and how it will effect our way of lives, the What is Climate Change? page shows you information on what it is, what the growing problem is and how the council are helping to make it better.

Find out what happened in climate week 2011

You can find out more about what the campaign got up to this year on the Climate Week 2011 page.

Switch It off

The Switch it off campaign runs across Worcestershire for one week every year, and in these pages you can learn more about how you can get involved to stop wasting energy


In March 2008, we were awarded the prestigious Beacon Authority Status for our work on tackling climate change. you can find out more about this on the Beacon Award Page.