Community-Led Housing Fund 

Community-led housing schemes are increasingly being recognised as a way to provide affordable housing to meet local needs by putting communities at the heart of decision making. Building these homes does not mean spoiling vast areas of beautiful countryside, it means building homes that will provide a long term positive social impact. Working with local communities to make sensible, informed decisions about what needs to be built and where – and finding the right sites on which to do so.

Malvern Hills District Council has received government funding to support the growth of community-led housing schemes within the district. The fund will support local community groups to deliver appropriate affordable homes to meet local needs and contribute to the national effort to boost the affordable housing supply. This can be as simple as representatives from a community being involved in making key decisions to bring an affordable housing scheme forward.

With the “affordable” housing remit in mind other community-led models include:

  • Bringing Empty Properties back into use (Self-help Housing): local people may want to bring empty properties back into use.  The reasons for the properties being empty may vary, but the one thing they have in common is that a group of people with a shared goal will work together to meet a housing need for a specific community. 
  • Group Self-build and collective custom-build: Groups may want to consider building their own homes or having custom built homes? The emphasis is to support those interested through the process which not only helps to create strong communities, but can also develop skills and deliver high quality housing.
  • Community Land Trust (CLT): Community Land Trusts are a form of not-for-profit community-led housing. They are local organisations, which are set up and run by ordinary people to develop and /or manage homes and other community assets. The Community Land Trust will aim to make sure that homes are genuinely affordable based on what people actually earn in their area not just for now but for every future occupier.
  • Co-operative and tenant controlled housing: A Housing Co-op is a housing organisation where members (tenants) democratically control and manage their homes. Housing Cooperatives have open and voluntary membership and are independent of external organisations.
  • Co-housing : Every co-housing community is unique, but they will typically involve:
    Independent living with an element of shared resources.  This might be a self contained home with a shared space to meet, socialise and eat together.
    Reduced outgoings – communities might have shared laundry facilities, pooled gardening equipment or a shared playroom for the children
    Shared values - many co-housing communities have a shared “vision” for example a community interested in living an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Development Trusts, Settlements and Social Action Centres: These are sometimes referred to as “community anchor organisations” and they can be involved in a range of community projects

We are looking for interest from local community groups, parish and town councils to develop these schemes in your local area. With our team of experts and links with other stakeholders, we can help to support genuine projects that help to solve local housing needs.  If you have a proposal for consideration, please click here to complete the enquiry form alternatively email  or call Kim 01386 565252 or mobile: 07891 840949 to discuss your ideas.

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