Community-Led Housing Fund 


Community-led housing schemes are increasingly being recognised as a way to provide affordable housing to meet local needs by putting communities at the heart of decision making. Building these homes does not mean spoiling vast areas of beautiful countryside, it means building homes that will provide a long term positive social impact. Working with local communities to make sensible, informed decisions about what needs to be built and where – and finding the right sites on which to do so.

Basic steps for success

Basic Steps For Success

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We are looking  for local community groups, parish and town councils who would like to get involved in helping to develop  Affordable Housing projects  in your local area. With our team of experts and links with other specialists organisations , we can help to support genuine projects that help to solve local housing needs.  If you have a proposa for consideration, please click here Community-Led Housing Fund Enquiry Form.  Alternatively email  or call Kim 01386 565252 or mobile: 07891 840949 to discuss your ideas.

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