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Help with your Council Tax

Support for businesses

Impact on our services

Support for individuals in need

Ways you can help

List of businesses offering food takeaway or delivery

Be aware of coronavirus scams

Advice on looking after your physical and mental health

Symptoms of coronavirus and advice on social distancing

Our response


Help with your Council Tax

A £500 million hardship fund has been created to help vulnerable people pay their Council Tax. Visit our Council Tax and Benefits page for more information.

If you are in financial hardship as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak then we would advise you to consider making a claim for Universal Credit, Jobseeker’s Allowance and Council Tax Support.

More information is available on the Government’s coronavirus and claiming benefits page.

You can also spread your Council Tax payments over 12 months instead of ten.

Please contact our Revenue and Benefits team for more information by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0300 456 0560

The service is extremely busy at the moment so please bear with us if we cannot respond straight away. 


Financial support for businesses

The Government has announced a package of support measures for businesses to help them through the outbreak.

Read our Business Rates Reductions page for information and to register.

All non-essential shops have been told to close. Food delivery and take-away businesses can continue to operate. 

Read the full list of shops and premises ordered to close on the Government's website.

Self-employed people should claim a grant through the Self-Employed Income Support Grant


Impact on our services

  • Our reception at the Council House is closed until further notice. You can still use our online services or contact us by phone.
  • All children's play areas are closed. Our parks remain open but you must follow social distancing rules.
  • Malvern and Tenbury Leisure Centres are closed.
  • Public toilets are closed.
  • Household Recycling Centres (managed by Worcestershire County Council) are closed.
  • Libraries (run by Worcestershire County Council) are closed. You can still download free audio books.
  • Committee meetings have been cancelled.
  • Bulky waste collections have been suspended.
  • Our licensing functions have also been affected. Visit the Worcestershire Regulatory Services website for more information.

Waste and Recycling

We have a plan in place to maintain our waste and recycling collections throughout the duration of the outbreak.

In order to do this we may need to stop other services such as litter picking, street cleaning, emptying public litter bins, clearing fly-tips etc. This will depend on how many staff we have off sick or self-isolating at any one time. We will update this page as and when we need to implement this plan.

You can also sign up to our email alerts service to receive the latest information to your inbox.


Our housing team is still available to support people in need but they are very busy. As a result we are prioritising those with an emergency need.

There is a delay to allocating housing currently as Housing Associations are not operating as normal.

If you are renting and are worried about making payment, please speak to your landlord or Housing Association as soon as possible. The Government is introducing additional protections for renters to ensure they cannot be evicted as a result of hardship caused by the outbreak.

You can find more information on our Housing pages.


The Government has asked us to maintain the planning system as far as possible.

There may be a delay to registering and approving planning applications due to staff absence caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. Please bear with us during this period.

All Planning Committee meetings have been cancelled until further notice. 

The Northern and Southern Area Planning Committees have been combined into one single planning committee until further notice.

We have relaxed restrictions on the movement of food and other essential supplies to help supermarkets and retailers stock shelves.

Pubs and restaurants can also temporarily offer a takeaway service to help get food out to vulnerable people.


Community support

We are working with community groups, the voluntary sector, parish and town councils to support the most vulnerable in our society during the outbreak.

I am a vulnerable person in need of help

If you need help during this difficult time and would like to be contacted by a helper or volunteer, please fill in the Here 2 Help form on the Worcestershire County Council website.

Please only complete this form if you need help over the coming days and we will aim to get back within 24 hours.


I would like to volunteer

If you want to help volunteer to deliver food and supplies to elderly and vulnerable people then please complete the Offer of Help form on the Worcestershire County Council website.

There are five ways you can help your community:

Take care of yourself and stay healthy – wash your hands and follow advice on self-isolation or social distancing

Call, chat and check – swap phone numbers with your immediate neighbours, check on neighbours and loved ones - particularly if they are vulnerable - help provide them with food and other essentials, alert relevant organisations if you are concerned about their welfare

Be kind and think of others – Don’t bulk buy. There are plenty of supplies for everyone if people just buy what they need. Use local community information groups on social media to share information, offer surplus supplies of essentials to those in need and avoid wasting food.

Get online to stay in touch – use your phone, video calling and social media to stay in touch with people, especially if you are self isolating

Share accurate advice and information – do not speculate or scaremonger. It only heightens people’s anxiety. Use reputable news sources as a source of information, the Government website or the NHS website.

For more help and advice visit the Here 2 Help website. 

Our councillors are also working hard in their community to support people. Find your local councillor by using our postcode search.


Businesses offering food takeaway and delivery

A list of businesses offering food delivery and takeaway services.


Coronavirus scams

There are lost of scams related to coronavirus circulating at the moment. Some involve fake calls, texts, emails and social media messages. West Mercia Police have issued advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of a coronavirus scam.

Social workers are also reporting a number of suspicious volunteers targeting vulnerable people in the county.

Worcestershire County Council's advice is to take normal precautions but don’t be afraid to accept offers of help from those you know and trust.

We are reminding people to follow normal checks to make sure their volunteer helpers are genuine.

We advise people ask to see identification, and not allow anyone in their homes unless they are certain they are genuine.

Anyone who believes they have been visited by a bogus volunteer should contact the police


Advice on looking after your physical and mental health

We have posted some challenges on the Malvern Hills District Council Youtube channel

You can also find links to a number of different workouts on the Sport England website

Every Mind Matters has advice on looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak


What is coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Covid-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called coronavirus.

You should stay at home if you have either:

A high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour or three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

 You MUST stay at home now unless you have to go outside for food, health reasons or essential work.

When outside you MUST follow the rules on social distancing including keeping 2 metres (6ft) away from people.

Wash your hands as soon as you get home.

You can find more advice using the links below.

What to do if you have symptoms?

Advice on staying at home (self-isolating)

Advice on the new social distancing rules

Worcestershire County Council coronavirus information page

Our response

National and local government are working together with the NHS and Public Health England to respond to the coronavirus outbreak and keep people safe.

Read more about the Government’s coronavirus action plan

You can help by following the official advice on staying at home (self-isolation) and social distancing as well as continuing to wash your hands with soap, often and for 20 seconds.

We have produced an eight point plan to help guide our response to the outbreak.

1 To preserve life and protect vulnerable groups by working with and supporting our partners (NHS, Public Health England, adult social care, other emergency services, community and voluntary sector)

2 Contribute to national actions to help delay the spread of the virus

3 Ensure continued delivery of our critical services particularly those vital to supporting the vulnerable and limiting the spread of the virus. Critical services are: Supporting the elderly and vulnerable, waste collections, revenue, benefits and welfare, housing, homelessness and temporary accommodation, customer services, WRS, dangerous structures and dangerous trees.

4 Support NHS and Public Health communication campaigns to ensure our communities are kept informed of the latest information and to act as a trusted source of information

5 To offer advice, support and appropriate signposting to our residents facing financial hardship as a result of the outbreak

6 To implement government measures to support businesses as soon as possible, to continue to monitor the impact on the local economy and to respond appropriately

7 Continue to provide targeted support to help those sleeping rough and at risk of homelessness as a result of the outbreak

8 To put political differences aside and work together to help our district meet the challenges it faces