ClueQuest launched on 6 April 2021 and is set to keep children and families busy for the whole year through walking. It’s a family fun form of orienteering which involves you going out for walks and solving clues along the way.  Have you got what it takes to find and solve all 25 clues? There are 25 clues to solve which are all scattered along 5 different walks locally. Each walk has 5 clues to solve.

You MUST register first to sign up to ClueQuest. Simply pop us an email requesting your ClueQuest cluebook which is just £3 (includes your medal) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once you have your cluebook, you need to decide which walk you are going to do and then off you go to find the answers to the clues. 

There are 5 walks for you to choose from, choose from the downloadable PDFs links below:

Simply keep a note of all of your answers and then send them into us to earn your well earned ’25 ClueQuest’ club medal.


Is there a recommended route?

The ClueQuest routes have all been mapped for you, so you don’t need to worry about plotting your own route. Simply choose which walk you would like to do (see above) and make sure you have the right set of clues ready.

How many clues are there?

There are 25 clues to solve across 5 walks.  Each walk has 5 clues to solve. 

How far from the paths are the clues?

All clues can be found or seen within close proximity to all footpaths and bridleways.

Who is ClueQuest aimed at?

Although ClueQuest is aimed at children and families it can also be taken part by adults alike.  We have had some local companies do it as a team building activity. 

Where are the nearest toilets?

You will need to check which toilets are open in line with government guidance following Covid 19 outbreak.

What equipment will I need to find the photoboxes?

A compass, OS Explorer maps 190 and 204. Both of which are available to borrow from local libraries for free or can be purchased on line or in local shops. We also recommend the app GPS OS. You will also need a notepad and pencil or your phone to collect the answers to your clues.

What do I do when I find a clue?

When you get to a clue simply write it down somewhere safe. 

What do I do when I’ve collected all 25 answers?

Simply send them to us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If your answers are correct then we will send you your well earned 25 club badge.