Under 11 Winner

The Real Rainbow by Eleanor 

I’m sad to say,

The real rainbow is grey.

Nobody has a clue

What to do.

In a tough time like this,

To make you feel bliss,

Create your own rainbow.

Be your own star,

we are all beautiful pieces of art.

Stay at home, be your own party,

Because 2020 can be fun,

And NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise…                        


Under 11 Runner Up

2020 Environment by Sarah

The environment has suffered many years

Through raging storms with horns and ears

but 2020 could save it all if we carry on not driving to school

Walking, cycling, on the bus with masks

The fresh air of walks and talking over the internet

Might be a way out of this ghastly storm

People driving less and home more

not leaving plastic on the beach ready to be swallowed up by the waves of ribbon and pushed to the surface

Could have an effect on us all

Could stop climate change

Could save it all

The trees have to stay

The ice can’t melt

Snow can’t go away forever

What would the people in the future say?

Oh I haven’t seen any of that

I wish people changed their ways for the lives of the environment

for me to see

for us to see

for generations to come to see

we helped the environment

We started it then we finished it in 2020 and in the future they say it’s been over for a thousand years.


Age 12-17 Winner

The Calendar of Chaos by April-Louise


It’s 2020! The year of new beginnings, new resolutions, time for a change! The new school term starts after a long Christmas holiday, but are you aware of the cries heard beyond the UK? You haven’t heard? Australia’s ablaze, people are losing their homes, as we speak.

What a ‘great’ way to start the year.



Uh-oh. What’s this? Panic has begun to up rise; the coughs and sniffles are spreading like butter on a knife. Should I be worried too? Words echo around, but one grabs my attention:




It’s getting worse. The year I was most looking forward to, I now despise,

We’re locked inside the houses we once lover, and we’re running low on supplies.

Why is toilet paper now a luxury? This year is full of jokes,

But should I be concerned? Rumours say it’s all a hoax…

I’m like a container of pills, I’ve been prescribed all this information, but what dosage do I take?


April, May, June & July all made the same mistake:

Stuck seeing the same faces every day, as the months are going by faster and faster,

What was once a small virus has become a world-wide disaster,

Working on my assignments, they’re due in tomorrow!

When will it end? There’s a pain in my voice; I’m struck by the sorrow.

Black Lives Matter, they have from the very start.

But it’s racism and hatred that’s tearing the world apart.

Protest after protest, but still no peace,

And when there’s no justice, the violence will increase.


August, September, October:

The days are passing by as the country slowly unlocks,

But please still wear a mask so your sicknesses don’t interlock.

It’s getting warmer but doesn’t feel like summer

It’s no big deal, just a bit of a bummer.


Everyone’s back at school while staying in their bubbles,

This is 2020: a year full of troubles.


Age 12-17 Runner up

Untitled by Alex

Throughout villages and towns,

There was no drought.

Rivers burst and water flows,

Washing signs and cars about.


Far away, as warm as the sun,

Crying fire as they shout,

Big open fires,

Burning down a large house.


Trees were burnt to ashes,

And rivers turned to drought,

Kangaroos, koalas, mice and birds,

All dying- put the fire out.


As warm as a bath,

And as quiet as a mouse,

No one was here,

They stayed in without a doubt.


Keep your 3ply masks on,

And stay safe in the house,

It would be a while until it’s gone,

So let’s squash Covid till it is nowt.


Over 18 Winner 

The Tale of Two Parallel Epochs by Florence Hayles

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’

The fatalistic carpet of typhoid coating organs exhausted up chimneys

While the rampant rash of rubella made sandpaper of the carpenter’s own skin -

His young boy with slapped cheeks at work just down the lane,

Their redness undefinable by scarlet fever or the factory owner’s sharp hand.

All the while the city was more alive than ever –

Its veins pumping vivaciously with canal boat trade,

Its lungs exhaling pollution strongly from the factory funnels,

Its eyes absorbing every piece of newly acquired knowledge

To boost the industrial revolution further.

Human weakness feeding commercial strength.


In the Tale of Two Parallel Epochs,

We see much the same of the worst.

Dickensian cholera replaced by Covid-19.

A dry continuous cough replaces the tin can rattle of tuberculosis,

Same fever though – a time old classic.

But what of that loss of taste and smell?

A whole new worst of times for us!

We have an entire world of flavours

Delivered to our door with one click of a button,

But Corona obstructs the trade from country to sea to tongue to brain.

Everything halts but the screens;

Perpetual motion of eyes and ears everywhere.

So desperate were we to just see and hear a loved one

That we did not care who was watching.

And again,

Human weakness feeds commercial strength.


But what of those best of times?

There were indeed plenty,

We fed our souls with simple pleasures and goods;

With a glance upwards to jet trails carving out smiles in a blue sky,

By taking the time to eat proper home cooked foods,

By holding a whole conversation without attention flying awry,

We even taught our children important life skills,

Such a pleasure to finally walk the distance of the hills.

Nature force-fed us some human strength –

And what of the differences in colour too?

Those neutral homes,

Finally brightened by rainbow paintings;

A symbol of gratitude towards the keyworkers in the crisis.


Children were seen AND heard once again,

Rising up from sterile laminate flooring

Kept clean too long by overtime at work and school.

Imperfect paintings and children playing in the garden,

A neighbour leaving a used book on the doorstep,

Heavy footfall in the dusty village shop – finally!

Humans fed one another strength.


In the worst of times, we can still be the best of people.


Over 18 Runner up

An Ode to 2020 by Helen Dalgleish

Year of death and distress.

Year of chaos and anger.

Life on our plastic bound Planet Earth

where even the air is now stale.

Wildlife are disappearing.

The poor and the old are ignored.

The vulnerable forgotten.

Black lives are trampled.

Hollow idols revered and worshipped.

Greed and selfishness prevail.


But the kaleidoscope has been shaken

and a new picture emerging.

Perhaps a dawn of enlightenment.

A bold awareness is rising.

Is Corona a Black Death leveller

in our unbalanced world?

A tiny virus changing the lives of all

altered forever in man’s careless reign.

However, in this time of grave despair

a spiritual few are bonding and work to help others.


Crystalline energies are stirring

on the Malvern Hills of ancient rock.

Elgar’s music still streams in the clear air,

the pulsating heart of a fresh world.

To those who are welcoming change

the Beacon sends out rays of hope and love.

Corona could be a rare blessing to humanity

if we learn its message.

Despite his arrogance man is feeble and fallible.

Only humility and resilience will save us now.