Competition Time! 

Rubber Stamp Competition January 2018

Enter our new competition and see your designs made into rubber stamps! 

Children must be aged between 5 and 14 years to enter. Entries close on Friday 23 February. 

A judging panel will then pick their favourite designs and these will be made up into rubber ink stamps that will get hidden on the Malvern Hills for a treasure hunt later in the year.  For more information email


Download entry form, full instructions and template here. 


There are 25 stamp themes to choose from, see below table for details 


Topic / Theme

Key tips for your design

Click here for picture examples and ideas

Malvern Hills Trust

Malvern Hills Trust are the organisation that manage the Malvern Hills. Take a look at their logo and design your own.    


Acid grassland

Short grass with very tiny flowers that look like jewels.


Wildflower meadow

Full of flowers, including orchids. 



Lots of trees of different size and shape on the slopes of the Hills. You could also design a picture of your favourite bird, maybe the Nuthatch, Song Thrush or a bat that is often found here.  


Ponds and Lakes

Design a picture of a pond with some fish in it or a picture of the heron that is often found here. 


Grayling butterfly

Rarest butterfly in Worcestershire lives among the rocks on the Hills.



Mushrooms of lots of different colours, shapes and sizes. The wax cap is a common one.



These snakes make their home on the Malvern Hills in the bracken.



Colourful purple flowers come out in early summer.



Donkeys used to carry people up to the top of the Hills in Victorian times. Your design could be of a Victorian on a donkey or simply a picture of a face of a donkey. 



Lots of different species of bat live in the woodlands around the Hills.



The woodlands and grasslands are home to lots of different birds. Large black ravens like the rocks, the green woodpecker likes the grassland and the little brown tree creeper likes the woods.



Sheep help to keep the grass short on the Hills which is good for birds, butterflies, and plants.



There are some different types of cattle found on the hills. Why not design a picture of a highland cattle. 


Dog poo digestor gas lamp

An inventor from Malvern has discovered a way to get energy from dog poo which can be used to light a street lamp


Water cure

Victorians used to come to Malvern to bathe and drink the water from the springs which they thought would cure them if they were poorly.



The rocks that form the Malvern Hills are some of the oldest in the UK. 



People used to quarry the stone of the Malvern Hills. There are some useful photos that help to show you what the quarries used to look like with tractors and cranes in them too. 

The stone was used for buildings and stone walls and for building roads.



The Hills are Common land, which means local farmers can graze their cows and sheep on the Hills. Why not design a picture of a farmer and his sheep dog. 


A walker

The Malvern Hills are a great place to walk and admire the views. 


A dog walker

Dogs are a great companion when walking.


A Mountain Biker

Cycling is a fun and active way to explore the Hills.


Horse rider

People ride horses right up to the top of the Hills to enjoy the views.


Hang glider

For the brave, flying above the Hills by hang gliding is the best way to see the views.


The Worcestershire Way

Did you know that there is a walking route called the Worcestershire Way that runs along the Malvern Hills. Why not draw your own design of what the Worcestershire Way looks like.