Worcestershire Planning and Development Charter

Worcestershire Partners (Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (WLEP) and Local Planning Authorities) have signed a Planning and Development Charter, with the aim of "creating a streamlined and effective planning and development culture which supports future prosperity". 

This is taking forward a commitment in the WLEP Business Plan.

This business friendly Charter has a number of objectives to achieve, which are being delivered through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between WLEP and the Local Planning Authorities, with the details set out in an associated Action Plan.

The Charter and MOU build on and bring together the good practice that exists across the County.

Our Commitment

Malvern Hills District Council is fully committed to the delivery of the Charter and MOU, as a business friendly Council. 

This commitment is shown through:

South Worcestershire Development Plan

With Wychavon District Council and Worcester City Council, we have drafted an economic prosperity-led plan, to provide the amount, location and type of employment land and infrastructure necessary to support the needs of business and the growth of the economy. 

We will continue to work closely with WLEP as the Plan moves on to its next stages.

Development Management:

The District Council has an in-house development team that includes planning, conservation, housing, and economic development specialists to assist in the development process.

The District Council is committed to working with applicants to determine applications in a timely manner. 

Local targets currently being sought:

  • 75% of major applications determined within 13 weeks
  • 80% of minor applications determined within 8 weeks
  • 90% of other applications determined within 8 weeks

The District Council also operates a pre-application enquiry process that aims to provide clear, professional and positive advice to applicants on the likely acceptability of proposals. 

Where problems are foreseen, we will help to identify how they might be overcome.

Further actions we will take include:

  • Working with the other local authorities to look at providing training for local businesses and their agents in the planning system;
  • Prioritising the processing of planning applications that will deliver economic regeneration; and
  • Providing improved and regularly updated information on submitting a planning application.