Housing Benefit Appeals

If you think that our decision about your Housing Benefit is wrong you can ask us to explain the reasons for the decision. The decision could be about:

  • The amount of benefit payable
  • The rent eligible for benefit
  • The calculation of a claimants income
  • The calculation and recovery of an overpayment

You must contact us straight away because if you want us to look at the decision again or if you want to appeal against it, you must do it in writing within one month of the date of the decision letter, not the date you contact the office.

If you are still not happy after our reply, you can appeal or request a revision of our decision.

You have one month from the date of the decision to write and ask us to look at it again.

(Some decisions, mainly administrative decisions, do not carry a right of appeal.  We will tell you if what you are disputing does not carry the right of appeal.)

Appealing against the Decision

If we have explained our decision or you have received a written statement of reasons explaining the decision and you still think it is wrong, you can appeal against it.

Please write to us detailing your appeal, your request in writing must be sent back to us within one month of the date of the decision letter.

If we agree that the original decision is wrong we will send you a new decision and your appeal will stop.

If we do not change the decision, your appeal will be sent to the Appeals Service.

An Appeal Tribunal which is made up of experts appointed by the Appeals Service will look at the appeal.

You will have the opportunity to choose how you would like the appeal to be looked at and whether you want to attend.

If you feel that the Appeal Tribunal's decision is wrong in law you can seek leave to appeal to the Social Security Commissioners.