Affordable housing options are available to you if you can't afford a suitable house to rent or buy on the open market. As Malvern Hills District Council doesn't own any properties, all of the social housing in the district is provided by housing associations.

  • Affordable housing is provided by an organisation known as a Registered Provider (RP). A range of property types are offered to meet local needs,
  • We can assist you with housing association houses and flats for social rent with Home Choice Plus
  • We provide guidance on the purchase of properties through shared ownership or fixed equity on our Affordable home ownership schemes page. 

Our departments work together to assess the needs of the district and ensure the right strategies and policies are implemented. This is achieved by working in partnership with registered providers, developers, the Homes and Communities Agency and Rural Housing Enabler.

New affordable homes delivered

2014-15 257
2015-16 268
2016-17 256

Although the housing needs in our district are high, we are committed to building affordable homes each year, where possible. 

Housing needs survey

Malvern Hill district council undertakes rural housing needs surveys, to examine current and future housing needs. The surveys are completed by households in the selected parishes. Each survey provides valuable data that can aid in the planning of new housing developments and demonstrate the need for increased affordable housing.

Useful documents

For more information on shared ownership and fixed equity (Discounted Market Sale) options see our Affordable home ownership schemes page.

For more information on applying for affordable rented properties please see our Housing Advice page or visit Home Choice Plus.