How Safe is Your Club?

Below are a number of quick ways that you can check how safe your club is for its junior members as well as protecting your club and its volunteers.

Does your club do the following?

  • Screen Volunteers, including DBS disclosures
  • Have a code of conduct for volunteers?
  • Have a child welfare officer?
  • Train volunteers in Child Protection?
  • Have a code of conduct for parents?
  • Have a code of conduct for children?
  • Encourage children and parents to talk and feedback to the club?
  • Have a child protection policy?
  • Ensure coaches are qualified and delivering appropriate activities for children?
  • Ensure all children have appropriate clothing and equipment for activities?
  • Have any means to demonstrate to parents, teachers etc that your club is taking its child protection responsibilities seriously and has the procedures to ensure their children are safe.

Although this may seem like a lot of work it is an unavoidable consequence of modern society.

Malvern Hills District Council can support your club in developing child protection policies and procedures in the following ways:

  • Provide information on national Child Protection training for Volunteers
  • Provide templates and examples of codes of conduct
  • Provide advice and support for clubs developing child protection policies  
  • Promote and support clubs committed to providing a safe, effective, child friendly club environment

Advice for sports clubs, coaches, volunteers and parents

To help make your club as safe as possible for everyone involved.

Clubs can help ensure good practice by creating quick and simple checklists