Tips on looking for accommodation


Look in all the local newspapers, many people advertise houses, flats & bedsits to let. This is one of the best ways to advertise, as most local people will read these papers.

Letting agents

These agencies manage properties on behalf of Landlords. They often advertise in the local press, Yellow Pages and the Thomson Directory. You may have to go to several agencies and get your name on their books so they know what type of property you are looking for. It is always worth finding out which agents will accept people on welfare benefits, how much deposit is needed and if they require a months rent up front.

Notice boards

Look out for cards placed in newsagents windows advertising rooms, flats or houses to rent. These usually tend to be cheaper. Supermarket notice boards are always another good place to look.


Let all your friends, work colleagues and family know that you are looking for somewhere, as word of mouth can usually be a good way of circulating information. You may find that some of your friends are also looking and if you found somewhere together this could make the rent cheaper.


If you are a student looking for somewhere to live contact your college or students union, they may be able to help you find somewhere to live.

Low income

If you are on Benefits or a low income it is important that any accommodation is affordable for you. Before you sign any agreements for private rented accommodation, contact our Housing Benefits Department and ask them to do a trial calculation, to see how much help you may be able to get towards your rent. You can do your own  trial calculation, by going to our Benefit pages.

You can find more information about benefits on our Benefit pages or contact the benefit section for more information.