Councillors' allowances

Councillors are entitled to receive certain allowances in recognition of their various duties. Details of the scheme for 2017/18 are set out below:

  2017 / 2018
Basic allowance payable to all councillors per annum £4,200
Special responsibility allowances   
Leader of the Council £12,600
Deputy Leader £7,350
Portfolio Holders £6,300
Overview and Scrutiny Chair £6,300
Overview and Scrutiny Task and Finish Chair (pro-rata for review period) £1,050
Audit Committee Chair £1,050
2 x Area Development Control Committee Chairs £3,150
Licensing & Appeals Committee Chair £1,260
Chairman of standards Committee £1,050
Group Leaders (x 3)


*(reduced by 50% if in receipt of an SRA)

Independent Remuneration Panel

The Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) is an independent body, which makes recommendations to the Council on the level of allowances to be paid to elected members of the Council.

It also has a role, if requested, to act as Parish Remuneration Panel in setting certain allowances for town and parish councils.