Moving in or out?

If you are moving in or out of a property you need to let us know. You can contact us with the information or fill in the forms below.

If you are advising us of a change in your circumstances that will take place in the future then we will process this information nearer to or, on the date the change takes place. This will ensure that we do not update our records incorrectly if your situation changes unexpectedly.

Moving in form: please complete this form if you are moving to the Malvern Hills area for the first time or have previously lived in the area but have not paid council tax to us before.

Moving within the area formPlease complete this form if you currently pay council tax to Malvern Hills (or have done so in the past) and are moving to another address within Malvern Hills where you will be liable for the council tax.

Moving out form: If you are moving out of the Malvern Hills area or will not be liable for Council Tax at your new address please complete the Moving out form. If you currently pay your council tax by direct debit we recommend you contact your bank and cancel the direct debit immediately.

Housing benefit change of address form: If you already receive housing benefit or council tax support and you are moving address, it is very important that you tell us immediately - any delay may effect the date the benefit is paid from and the amount you may receive.

Please download the change of address form, contact us, or obtain a form from any of our contact centres in Malvern, Tenbury Wells and Upton.

Change of Circumstances Form: Please complete this form if there are other changes such as an adult leaving or joining your household.

Landlord change of tenant form: Please fill in this form if you are a landlord and wish to tell us about a change of tenants in your property.

Electoral Roll - Re-Register as an Elector Once You Have Moved.

Fair Processing Notice web page.