Council acts on Upton residents' concerns about Hanley Road access

Malvern Hills District Council (MHDC) has listened to concerns from Upton residents and is proposing two new, fully accessible paths at Hanley Road car park.

In the proposals, a wheelchair-friendly path would be installed to provide access to Warner's, a shop located on Hanley Road, and a second between the car park and toilets and Hanley Road, enabling access to and from Upton town centre.

Since Warner's opened in 2020, shoppers have been using a gap in their boundary wall to the adjacent car park, designed only for emergency use at times of flooding.

This short-cut meant that shoppers were using an unsurfaced access and crossing the busy car park entrance, which is used by coaches, cars and HGVs that service the household waste site. This created a health and safety issue for both Warner's and the council.

Following advice, MHDC is proposing installation of a ramp that complies with the disability legislation and accesses Hanley Road where views for both pedestrians and car park traffic are clearer. The second path provides a direct, level access to Hanley Road toilets and via ramps to the car park.

The ramp and path will cost £22k which will be funded by MHDC, with a contribution from Warner's. The proposal will be considered by the Executive Committee at its meeting on 14 February.

Cllr Peter Whatley, Portfolio Holder for Resources at Malvern Hills District Council, said: "We have understood the concerns of people who regularly use Hanley Road car park. If approved, the installation of these paths to the store will make a real difference to the residents of Upton.".

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