Council approves grant towards purchase of former Malvern Hills College site

Malvern Hills District Council (MHDC) has approved a £400k grant to Malvern Hills Arts and Community College (MHACC) to help buy the former Malvern Hills College.

The funding request was approved at a Council meeting tonight (Tuesday) to help MHACC's purchase the Albert Road North property from the current owners, Warwickshire College Group.

MHACC is a non-profit company established in April 2021 for the purpose of acquiring the property and operating the college.

The grant will be secured as a charge on the property.

Similar requests for funding have been made to Worcestershire County Council and the Bransford Trust.

Last week Worcestershire County Council also approved a £400k grant to MHACC.

Cllr Tom Wells, Leader of Malvern Hills District Council, said: "We are delighted to approve the grant for MHACC to help purchase the Malvern Hills College site. This decision moves MHACC a step closer to providing a community led hub for creative arts and education within the district, rewarding their fantastic efforts to date. It also supports our Council priorities of supporting our communities and our economy".

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