Malvern Hills District Council appoints member champions to engage with the community

Malvern Hills District Council has appointed new member champions to promote and support various interests of the community.

The roles will focus on four themes including Heritage, Rural, Young People and the Armed Forces.

Acting as a positive focus for the local community, they will make contact with local organisations, familiarise themselves with the needs of the relevant section of the community, act as advocates on their behalf and feedback the decisions of the council.

The appointed member champions are:
  • Young Person's Champion- Cllr Caroline Palethorpe.
The aim of the role is to work closely with the schools in the district to improve the council's engagement with young people, consulting them on our key priorities.

  • Rural Champion- Cllr Barbara Williams.
The aim of the role is to raise and maintain the profile of the district's rural areas, drawing the council's attention to rural issues and working with the council to improve the service delivered to rural areas.

  • Armed Forces Champion- Cllr Martin Allen.
The aim of this role is to work with the countywide Covenant Working Group and support the needs of service veterans and families in the district.

  • Heritage Champion- Cllr Tony Penn.
The aim of this role will be to raise and maintain the profile of the built historic and natural environment and provide a focus for heritage issues across the Council.

Cllr Sarah Rouse, Leader of Malvern Hills District Council, said: "The member champion roles are a positive way for Malvern Hills District Council to learn of the issues and needs of various sections of our communities. Our champions will be able to enhance the councils understanding of needs and to promote communication leading to positive change. The councillors have been chosen for their enthusiasm and knowledge in the areas they will represent."

The member champions will not receive a budget or special responsibility allowance and they will not have any decision making capabilities.

The roles will be in place until May 2023, with a review carried out in 2021. Champions will also publish an annual report of work undertaken each year for consideration by the council.
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