Malvern Hills District Covid-19 Memory Bank launched

Malvern Hills District Council has launched a call out for people to share their experiences and memories of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Covid-19 outbreak is undoubtedly a landmark moment in human history and it is important to capture information about what happened locally, to help inform future generations.

That is why the council has launched the Malvern Hills District Covid-19 Memory Bank.

People are encouraged to send in messages of goodwill they have received from neighbours, rainbow pictures they have drawn in support of key workers, messages of thanks they have left for key workers, diary entries they may have made during lockdown, video blogs, photographs, video footage, poems, songs or artwork.

The subject can be anything from how people felt during this time to the way the community pulled together, the weekly clap for our carers event, response of key workers on the frontline and the challenges or joys of home schooling. Pictures of how people celebrated VE Day 75 while social distancing would also be welcomed.

People who have sadly lost loved ones as a result of the virus can also submit memories of them and photos.

Information and documents can be uploaded to the Covid-19 Memory Bank via the council's website at People will need to confirm they have the appropriate permissions before uploading material.

Information submitted will be used as part of a future art project or public exhibition.

Cllr Sarah Rouse, Leader of Malvern Hills District Council, said: "Although this pandemic still has some way to run, we wanted to capture this information now so we don't lose anything as we move into the next stages.

"We have seen our communities support each other through this challenging time in a way not seen for generations. We have witnessed the incredible dedication and courage of our NHS staff and other key workers. We have mourned every life lost as a result of this terrible virus.

"It's important we don't forget any of this. I hope in time we will be able to look back and reflect on how we all came together to beat this virus and built a better society as a result." 

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