Students learn about democracy during visit to Malvern Hills District Council

 Malvern Hills District Council welcomed children from two local primary schools to take part in a fun-filled day of activities to learn about democracy.

The two separate sessions saw children from St Matthias School and St Joseph's School talk to councillors and officers at the council house about citizenship and democracy before holding a debate and mock vote.

With the help of Councillor Kaleem Aksar, the St Matthias School students created their own political parties which included the Royal Rescuers, the Toilet Team, the Animal Party, Anti-Pollution Party and the Children Party.

Councillors Natalie McVey and John Raine worked with pupils from St Joseph's Primary School to create political parties that included the Protective Party, the Save Future Generations Party and the SHAK Party. Cllr Sarah Rouse, Leader of the council, also paid a visit to the children to introduce herself.

The parties covered such themes as environmental issues, animal cruelty, the need for more public toilets, health, encouraging young people to follow their dreams, making more products by hand, supporting foodbanks, providing children under ten with priority access to skate parks and more.

The sessions were held as part of Malvern Hills District Council's commitment to improve engagement with young people across the district. The council has been visiting schools with councillors and trialling visits to the council house to help develop an understanding of democracy.

Cllr Tom Wells, Portfolio Holder for Community Services at Malvern Hills District Council, said: "It is brilliant to see young people so enthusiastic and so aware of issues affecting our world today. Teaching the younger generation about citizenship and democracy is an essential element in creating a brighter future for everyone. Hopefully it will inspire them to play an active role within their communities as they grow older and lead to real change."

Cllr John Raine and Cllr Natalie McVey with students from St Joseph's Primary School.
Cllr Kaleem Aksar and Claire Vaughan, Community Engagement Officer at Malvern Hills District Council, with students from St Matthias School.
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