Voter registration reminders to hit doormats

 Residents are being urged to lookout for their annual voter registration reminder which will be dropping through letterboxes over the next few weeks.

Letters have been sent to every household across Malvern Hills District as part of the annual canvass of electors. The letter contains details of everyone who is registered to vote at a particular address. Residents need to check the document carefully to ensure details are correct or if anyone needs to register or make any changes to their voting arrangements.

If details are correct then people can confirm their return by text, phone, online or post. If details need changing then this can be done online or by post.

Anyone eligible to vote but not on the form will need their name added to let us know they are eligible to register to vote at that property. They will then need to register to vote which can be easily done online at or a registration form will be sent by post.

It is a legal requirement to respond to the forms even if there has been no change and anyone who doesn't could face a fine. If someone doesn't register to vote then it can also damage their credit rating.

Laura Noonan, Electoral Services Manager for Malvern Hills District Council, said: "The annual canvass of electors is important as it helps ensure we keep the register of electors up to date and people don't lose their right to vote at any upcoming elections. Check the form carefully and confirm or amend your details with us as soon as possible to avoid further reminders and a visit from one of our door-to-door canvassers."
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