Get online to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Due to online maintenance, Self Serve will not be available on Tuesday 21 February and Wednesday 22 February. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. 

New online form makes applying for benefits easier and quicker.

We have changed the way that new claimants apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support by introducing an online claim form.

The move will make applications for benefits easier for residents and enable people to get their payments quicker. It's being brought in as part of the national shift towards claiming for benefits online including the further roll out of Universal Credit, which is due to be implemented this year.

IT support for those who need it

Our Contact Centre’s will continue to provide support for people who do not have access to online facilities or who need assistance to make a claim. Additional computers will be provided in our Centre’s for people to make claims and staff will provide face-to-face help.

People can also use computers at libraries across South Worcestershire.

Submit your claim from the comfort of your own home

A huge benefit of the new system is that people will be able to make claims and submit documents from their own homes at any time of the day, or even while on the move using mobile devices or laptops. Ideally new claimants should have a working email address when submitting a new claim.

One month to complete an application

The form includes full instructions on how to make claims as well as a list of the evidence and documents that claimants need to provide. New claimants are advised not to delay submitting their forms as they will have one month to either email supporting documents or drop them into council offices.

People who rent their homes and who are on a low income can apply for Housing Benefit which is means tested at the point of application. Council Tax Support can cover a percentage of the bills for people of working age and up to 100 per cent for pensioners.