Overview and Scrutiny

Overview and Scrutiny aims to make decision making more accountable, transparent and inclusive and to improve services provided for the community by:

  • Holding the Council's Executive Committee and Planning Committee to account for the decisions they make.
  • Reviewing and developing the Council's policies to ensure that they improve the well being of the community.
  • Scrutinising the decisions of outside organisations whose work affects the local community.

How does Overview and Scrutiny work in Malvern Hills District?

By acting to champion issues causing concern to our local communities, demonstrates the district council's commitment to improve services in the interest of the wellbeing of the district.

The Committee acts as the Council's watchdog by undertaking the scrutiny and review of council services, and the services provided by other bodies whose services impact the district and does so in a way for the benefit of the district, not merely to criticise.

The work of Overview and Scrutiny is carried out by councillors who do not sit on the Council's Executive Committee, and can therefore approach issues with independence from the Council's key decision making body. It also provides the district council a means of harnessing the valuable skills and knowledge of non-executive members.

The Committee Chairman is Councillor Hannah Campbell and Vice Chairman is Councillor Douglas Godwin.

The Committee's pre-decision scrutiny, forming part of the decision making process, demonstrates the Council's commitment to an inclusive, open and transparent decision making process.

By encouraging input from the district's local communities and partners, shows how the public can be directly involved in the Council's decision making process and thereby directly influence the decisions that affect their communities.

The Committee's Work Programme is updated at each meeting, which allows flexibility to pick up issues as they arise and suggestions for items for them to look into are welcomed.

To this end, the last few years has seen the Work Programme shaped by the District's 54 Parish and Town Councils providing a public platform for communities, to air issues that are causing concern locally and has resulted in the Council taking direct action to address issues.

This also places the District in a strong position in terms of the positive relationship it enjoys with the Parish and Town Councils, in preparation for the Localism agenda which is placing more responsibility at the local level.

When a subject is suggested for Overview and Scrutiny Committee to look into, that's too big for the Committee as a whole to deal with, it sets up a Task & Finish group to investigate the matter in depth on its behalf and report back to the Committee.

Provided the Task and Finish group's report and recommendations are endorsed by the Committee, this is then put to full Council for approval and the Recommendations are then implemented.

To date, all Task and Finish Reports have been endorsed and the resulting recommendations implemented.

How can I get involved?

We always welcome and actively encourage public involvement in Scrutiny. You can become involved in several ways; you may suggest a topic for the Committee to include within their meeting or may attend a meeting and have your say.

The Committee is always keen to know what the public are thinking including any concerns you wish to report. If this is the case then contact us in the first instance to find out more by sending us an email at committee@malvernhills.gov.uk. or by calling Karen Jarman on 01684 862273 who will be pleased to provide you with more information.

Or if you would like to see how differently Overview and Scrutiny operates, then please feel free to attend one of our meetings and have your say or just or see how the Committee works, without participating if you wish.

What issues are the committee currently looking at?

Overview and Scrutiny Committee reviews and updates its work programme at each meeting. Managing the work programme with this flexibility enables the Committee to consider matters of local concern, not previously scheduled but which may merit inclusion.

The Committee also conducts its business in part by the establishment of Task and Finish groups who undertake in depth reviews into specific issues.

Should you wish to find out more about the work of the Committee you are welcome to attend meetings, which usually start at 6pm in the Council Chamber, Avenue Road Malvern. Further details of the Committee's work can be accessed via the Annual Reports below:

Annual Reports