PCN Code Contravention Description PCN Amount Contravention Example
01 Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours £70 Parking on double yellow lines with no blue badge or without loading/unloading
02 Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force £70 Loading/unloading on a street during restricted times (indicated by markings on the kerb)
22 Re-parked in the same parking place or zone within the prescribed time period after leaving £50 Returning to re-park in a limited waiting bay within the stated no return time
23 Parked in a place or area not designated for that class of vehicle £70 Parking a non-goods vehicle in a goods vehicle only bay
24 Not parked correctly within the markings of the bay or space £50 Parking over the white lines of a bay

Parked in a loading place during restricted hours without loading

£70 Parking a car in a goods loading/unloading only bay without loading/unloading goods for a business
30 Parked for longer than permitted £50 Remaining parked in a limited waiting bay for longer than the allowed time
40 Parked in a designated disabled person's parking place without displaying a valid disabled person's badge in the prescribed manner
£70 Parking a company van in a disabled bay without displaying a blue badge
45 Parked on a taxi rank £70 Parking a vehicle that is not a Hackney Carriage in a taxi rank
47 Stopped on a restricted bus stop or stand £70 Leaving a car parked on a marked bus stop
99 Stopped on a pedestrian crossing or crossing area marked by zigzags £70 Parking a vehicle on white zigzags before or after a crossing