Three charging posts have been installed and are available for use in Priory Road Car Park (South), Priory Road, Malvern, WR14 3DS.

Each charging post contains two charging sockets so they can charge two cars simultaneously.

A total of six cars can be charged at any one time.

The APT Technologies 'evolt' charging posts are equipped with Mode Three 'Type Two' charging sockets and are rated at 7kW.

The six charging bays are clearly marked with a green background and an electric car charging logo in white, they are reserved exclusively for the parking of charging electric vehicles.

To access the charging socket simply swipe the receiving pad on the front of the charging post with your RFID card, or any contactless card, the metal cover will then be released to give access to the charging socket.

No charge is made for using the charging points but the normal parking charges apply to each of the bays.

You can also visit the National Charge Point Registry web site that contains useful details of other locations of evolt charging points in the UK.

Using our car parks

  • Please pay the appropriate charge
  • Please properly display a valid pay and display ticket so it can be easily seen and read as to date, time and amount paid
  • Ensure that any motor vehicles using our car parks have a virtual pay & display ticket or season ticket
  • Ensure that any motor vehicles using our car parks display a valid Vehicle Excise Duty licence
  • Use only one parking space. Do not park on the white lines or allow your vehicle to overhang into the adjoining bay
  • Ensure that any motor vehicles are properly insured to the minimum requirements of the Road Traffic Act
  • Ensure that any motor vehicles display a permit or disabled badge
  • Ensure that any motor vehicles do not cause an obstruction to other road users, including pedestrians
  • Have consideration for other road and car park users
  • Treat our Civil Enforcement Officers in a civil and courteous manner

Using a Pay and Display Machine

  • Pay the appropriate fee allowing all the coins to register
  • Check the machine display
  • If any coin fails to register, retrieve them from the bottom tray and try again
  • Push the large green button
  • Wait for the ticket to appear and remove from the bottom tray