National Application Fees

Planning Fees Guide from the Planning Portal.

Alternatively you can view their 'What it costs' page or use this direct link to the fees schedule for all English applications.

Community Infrastructure Levy

Development will potentially be liable for Community Infrastructure Levy charges if the proposed development includes at least one of the following:


  • Creates new build floor space of at least 100 square metres;

  • Results in the creation of a new dwelling (even if the floor space is less than 100 square metres); and

  • Involves the conversion or change of use of a building that is no longer in lawful use.

CIL Forms

All forms relating to CIL can be found on the Planning Portal Website. The CIL additional information form is required for most planning applications.  The CIL user guide provides information relating to this requirement.

Further information on CIL can be found on the following webpage -

National Standard Application Forms

There is still an option to complete and submit paper copies of an application form.

If you know which form you need you can download it from the links below, together with the relevant help text and validation checklist for each form.

These forms are also useful if you want to get familiar with them before submitting your application via the Planning Portal.

Notes regarding Notices

Householder Application Notice - This notice is for householder applications and is to be printed and served on the property owner prior to completing Certificate B.

  • Notice 1 - This notice is for non-householder applications and is to be printed and served on the property owner prior to completing Certificate B.
  • Notice 2 - This notice is for publication in a local newspaper if the property owner is unknown prior to completing Certificate C or D.

If you need any advice on these forms please contact Customer Services.

1. Householder Application

2. Householder - Involving Demolition in a Conservation Area

3. Householder & Listed Building

4. Application for Planning Permission

5. Outline - Some reserved matters

6. Outline - All reserved matters

7. Planning - Conservation Area

8. Planning - Listed Building

9. Planning - Advertisement

10. Planning - Demolition in Conservation Area

11. Listed Building Consent - LBC

12. Advertisement Consent - ADC

13. Lawful Development Certificate - Existing Use

14. Lawful Development Certificate - Proposed Use

15. Lawful Development Certificate - Proposed Works to Listed Building

16. Agricultural - Building

17. Agricultural - Road

18. Agricultural - Excavation/Deposit

19. Agricultural - Fish Tank

20. Electronic Communications

21. Hedgerow Removal Notice

22. Prior Notification - Demolition

23. Reserved Matters Approval

24. Remove or Vary a Condition

25. Approval of Details Required By Condition or Confirmation that Conditions Have Been Complied With

26. Planning application for development relating to the onshore extraction of oil and gas

27. Tree Works

28.  Application for a Non-Material Amendment

29.  S106 Application to Modify or Discharge a Planning Obligation

30. Prior Approval Notification - Larger Home Extension

31. Prior Approval Notification - Proposed Change of Use to State Funded School

32. Prior Approval Notification - Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a State-Funded School or Registered Nursery

33. Prior Approval Notification - Proposed Change of Use of:

Agricultural Building to a flexible use within Shops, Financial and Professional services, Restaurants and Cafes, Business, Storage or Distribution, Hotels, or Assembly or Leisure.

34. Notification - Change of Use of Offices (Class B1(a)) to Dwellinghouses (Class C3)                    

35. Notification - Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a Dwellinghouse (Use Class C3), and for Associated Operational Development

36. Prior Approval of Proposed Change of Use of a building from a Retail (Use Class A1 or A2) or a Mixed Retail and Residential Use, to a use falling within Use Class C3 (Dwellinghouse), and for Associated Operational Development