Planning Portal Quotes

Some quotes from our clients who regularly use the Planning Portal

Mr Stuart Bond
Absolute Architecture

"The Planning Portal has become the single most time saving device in the planning system for many years.  Its simplicity is its strength and since I made the leap and processed my first application, I have used it pretty much continuously.

The (now) old methods of printing drawings, procuring maps and posting huge parcels of information seem so labour intensive and time consuming compared with the new system.  I can now process an application in its entirety in around thirty minutes and the only time I need to leave my desk is to put the cheque in the post – and even this can be done through the portal as soon as client attitudes to online dealings start to relax.  I would estimate that each application saves on average about a hundred pounds as well as freeing up staff time to undertake more gainful tasks".

Mr Neil Healey
Building Design Services

"One simple reason for on line submissions is that it is, "more efficient".