Policy Development Panels

On 19 February 2019 Council considered and approved a report from the Council Policy Group (CPG) set up in June 2018 to review governance and decision making.  As part of this report a recommendation was made to establish new member policy development panels based on the council’s priorities:

  • Communities - Building stronger and healthier communities

  • Economy - Driving economic prosperity and growth

  • Environment - Making the most of our superb environment

Policy Development Panels - Terms of Reference


Membership: Councillors: K Aksar (Chairman), C Bovey, C Reed (Vice Chairman), M Davies, M Dyde, B Thomas, B Behan, J Owenson.

Officer Support: Stephen Gabriel, Amanda Smith, Elaine Salter and Lisa Perks


Agendas and Meeting Notes

30 July 2019 - Agenda - Meeting Notes



Membership: Councillors: K Chan (Vice Chairman), P Cumming, J Gallagher (Chairman), C Palethorpe, C Palmer, D Walton, R Whitehead, B Williams.

Officer Support: Phil Merrick, Simon Smith, Duncan Rudge, Jim Burgin, Sandra Hudson and Amanda Molloy


Agendas and Meeting Notes

16 July 2019 - Agenda - Meeting Notes

17 October 2019 -

16 January 2020 -

16 April 2020 -



Membership: Councillors: M Allen, D Clarke, PL Cumming, D Godwin, T Penn, K Wells, R Whitehead (Vice Chairman), J Wood (Chairman).

Officer Support: Phil Merrick, Alex Bill, Rebecca Floyd, Sandra Hudson and Claire Vaughan


Agendas and Meeting Notes

11 July 2019 - Agenda - Meeting Notes

10 October 2019 -

9 January 2020 -

9 April 2020 -