Prior Approval Notification

New rules governing house extensions and commercial changes of use are now in effect. Since the 30th May 2013 the key changes to permitted development rights include allowing the following without the need for planning permission:

  • Larger single storey rear extensions to residential properties
  • Larger extensions to industrial and warehousing premises, shops and offices
  • Conversions between office and residential uses
  • More flexible uses of shops, offices, residential institutions and agricultural buildings
  • Easier conversion of premises for school uses
  • Telecom installations in conservation areas

Important: These new key changes are still subject to a number of criteria and require you to notify the Local Planning Authority with details of your proposal.

This is done by completing a Prior Approval Notification form.  There is no fee for this service.

Please ensure you read the Guidance Notes before completing the Notification form. 

The following flow chart detailing the process may also prove helpful:

To view current applications and prior approvals, please Search Planning Applications