Publication Scheme

An important feature of the Freedom of Information Act is the requirement for each Public Authority to produce a Publication Scheme. The Council's Publication Scheme lists the kinds of information that we provide. Most information listed in the Scheme is available via our website. 

In exceptional circumstances some information may only be available by viewing in person, email for more information. 

Customer Services will be happy to arrange an appointment to view the information for anyone requesting this information, within a reasonable timescale. Information will be provided in the language in which it is held or in such other language that is legally required, where we are legally required to translate any information, we will do so.

Obligations under disability and discrimination legislation, and any other legislation to provide information in other forms and formats will be adhered to when providing information in accordance with this scheme.

Here at Malvern Hills District Council we aim to provide as much information as we can within each class of information free of charge. However where charges apply, they will be justified, transparent and kept to a minimum. For further information on charging, please see our Freedom of Information page.

You can download the Publication Scheme, alternatively, you can view it by category:

Written requests

If you have searched the Publication Scheme and the A-Z of Council Services and still can't find what you are looking for, just write to us and we will consider your request in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. For further information on how to make a written request for information please see our Freedom of Information page.