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Please note:

  1. Households who use a wheelie bin or share the use of a communal bin are not entitled to free-issue refuse or recycling sacks.
  2. For those households entitled to sacks our annual delivery of sacks takes place in May/June.
  3. We no longer empty non-MHDC wheelie bins.

In this section you will find the following information:


With the ever-changing situation relating to Covid-19, there is a potential that refuse and recycling collections will be affected.

We will update this page accordingly and use our social media accounts. You can also sign up to our e-recycling newsletter.

Disposal of waste for people/households with symptoms of coronavirus

Please put used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths in rubbish bags. Then put the bag into a second bag and tie it securely. Store it for three days before putting it in your black bin.

If you are on a sack collection follow the same process and store bags separately from bags of standard household waste for three days. They can then be put out for collection together on your usual collection day.

You can dispose of other household waste as normal.

Household Recycling Centres 

Worcestershire County Council's Household Recycling Centres are open but with restrictions in place and social distancing measures. Read more about visiting a Household Recycling Centre during the coronavirus pandemic.

Refuse and Recycling Strategy

Malvern Hills District Council is a signatory to the  pdf Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy, for Herefordshire and Worcestershire 2004-2034. (6.33 MB)

This strategy sets out how the councils in the two counties will work together to provide residents and businesses with efficient, cost effective recycling and refuse collection and disposal services.

The strategy also explains how local residents will be supported to reduce the amount of waste they generate, and recycle as much of what they do produce as possible to minimise the amount of waste that is tipped in land fill.

A joint strategy is important because in Worcestershire district councils are responsible for recycling and refuse collections, whilst the county council is responsible for processing recycling and disposing of refuse.

Herefordshire Council is included in the joint strategy because it shares a waste disposal contract with Worcestershire County Council.

The strategy ensures that collection and disposal activities join up effectively and provide the best possible overall value to council tax payers.