Our commercial recycling collection service assists local businesses to comply with legal requirements regarding how they dispose of their waste. 

We are not able to take side-waste that is put out next to your bin; we will only empty the bin(s) that appears on the contract. We recommend you frequently review your needs and contact us if you need to adjust the size of your bin(s) to suit your needs.

If you own or operate a business you have a duty of care to deal responsibly with any waste the business produces.

The law is very clear that (as a minimum) paper, plastic, metal and glass must be collected separately from general landfill waste. Recyclable material must not be put in general waste bins.

Prices (from 1 April 2020):

  • £13.15 for a 1100 litre bin, per bin lift.
  • £11.70 for a 660 litre bin, per bin lift.
  • £10.73 for a 360 litre bin, per bin lift.
  • £10.33 for a 240 litre bin, per bin lift.
  • £120.56 per 50 recycling sacks - Fortnightly Collection

Further information

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..