Self Service

Log into Self Service

Our Self Service pages give you instant on line access to manage and view your

  • Council Tax account
  • Business Rate account
  • Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support application
  • Tenants Housing Benefit claims 

Using Self Service can save you time, effort and money. There is no need for you to visit us, ring us or write to us - you can view and manange your account on line at a time that suits you.

What you can do using self service

  • See full details of your account or application
  • How your charges or benefits are worked out
  • Check your discounts and allowances
  • See when your payments are due
  • View bills and letters we send to you (paperless e-billing)
  • Set up a Direct Debit or make a payment
  • Apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support
  • Landlords can view benefit awards, payment details and correspondence 

How to register for self service

  • Fill in your details on the Registration page. You will need to tell us:
    • your account number, claim number or Landlord reference (on your bill or benefit letter)
    • your e-mail address
  • You will then be asked some security questions about your account or claim. If you answer those questions correctly you will be able to log in immediately.
  • If you are unable to answer all the security questions we will send you a PIN number in the post (for security reasons) which you will need to use to log in.
  • Log into self service