Right To Buy

If you have what is known as a ‘Preserved Right To Buy', you may be eligible to buy your home at a discount.

The Preserved Right To Buy is only granted to those tenants who were former secure tenants of Wychavon District Council and who also transferred to a Housing Association in October 1994.

The Government has recently increased the discount for tenants with the Preserved Right To Buy to a maximum of £75,000. For more information and to find out whether you could buy your home at a discount, click on the link righttobuy.communities.gov.uk/ or call the hotline, Tel: 0300-123 0913.

Wychavon District Council are working with two local housing associations to promote the Right To Buy.

Our aim is to ensure that for every home sold, a new affordable home will be built in the district by reinvesting the proceeds.

If you are a tenant of Festival Housing or Rooftop Housing Group, you can also visit their website for information direct from you landlord by clicking on the relevant link below:-

Fortis Living:



Rooftop Housing Group:


or contact Grace Seal,

Tel: 01386-420800