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Tools, Tips and Techniques 

Sport England offers you 'runningsports', the programme that equips you with the know-how and skills to be the best you can be at running your club.

The Runningsports programme is made up of workshops, booklets, and home study packs which advise you on almost all aspects of managing, developing and administering your club.

Whether you are a coach, official or administrator, you will find Running Sport is filled with tools, tips and techniques that you can begin to use from the moment you finish any part of the programme, and for long afterwards.

It gives you practical solutions to the real problems you face day by day in running your club.

Runningsports is dedicated to providing skills and support for volunteers working in all sports and will help you get more for your organisation and its members. 

Runningsports can also help with the following:

  • Finding New Volunteers – Recruitment
  • Health and Safety for Volunteers
  • Screening Volunteers – A guide for Clubs
  • Young People As Volunteers