Voting and Elections

Election of a Town Councillor for Malvern Town Pickersleigh Ward


Thursday 23 June 2016 - EU Referendum

Malvern Hills district has voted to leave the EU

  • 25,294 voted to Leave 
  • 23,203 voted to Remain
  • Turnout in Malvern Hills District was 80.6 percent.

National vote


Thursday 5 May 2016 - West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner Election

Count results for the Police and Crime Commissioner Election

Final result: 

  • John Paul Campion - (Conservative) 83619
  • Daniel Walton - (Labour) 55162

Certificate of result - second count

Referendums / Petitions 2016

The official notification detailing the figure for 5% of the electorate of Malvern Hills District Council.