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FAQs for Priory Park play area

In this section you will find the following information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the play area safe?

The play area has been designed to comply with BSEN 1176/1177 and has been inspected and approved by ROSPA

Why isn’t the play area fenced?

The Play Advisory Service advise that fences are not automatically required unless there is a hazard such as a busy road within 5 to 10 metres. As examples, the play areas at Gheluvelt Park and Cripplegate Park in Worcester aren't fenced off from their wider park areas.

Is it accessible for children with disabilities?

Many children with disabilities are able to access the play area. The play area features lower level apparatus, crawling tunnels and sensory planting.

All entrances into the park have gradients steeper than 1:20 which is the recommended gradient for wheelchair access. As the park is on a slope we are unable to alter this so the play area will never be fully accessible.

We have also awarded ARCOS (Association for the Rehabilitation of Communication and Oral Skills) a Section 106 grant in November 2021 to support their extension of their SMILE Project.

The project will see the renovation of its outside space so it is safe and practical for children with special needs to use. It will include an all-weather outdoor therapeutic area with play equipment, a sensory and horticultural area and a community café.

The new outdoor space will provide children with an improved learning and sensory experience, helping increase communication skills, physical wellbeing, confidence, and social interaction, which will enhance their overall well-being and mental health

The aim is for the project to be complete in 2022. More information to come. Visit the ARCOS website.

Why is there an open pond and stream with no barriers?

The pond and stream have always attracted children. We have removed the overgrown vegetation to open up the area and increase visibility. Warning signage has been installed in accordance with ROSPA’s recommendation.

Why isn’t the play area suitable for toddlers?

The play area has been designed for children between the ages of 3 and 12 although most of it can be used by younger children with adequate parental supervision.

Why aren’t there more benches?

 We will review the provision of benches in the park

Why isn't there a splash pad?

The environmental effects of a splash pad are extremely high, since they require water to be chemically treated and constantly pumped round, then filtered before disposal. Maintenance requirements are also high, especially when there is a high chance of detritus from trees blocking the water channels. Those factors, plus the high costs of installation, for only a few months potential use each year made a splashpad a bad idea.

Are dogs allowed in the play area?

Dogs are not allowed inside the play area. Dogs must be on a lead in the park and owners should clean up after them. There is a Dog Control Public Space Protection Order in place.